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Happy now ShannonGeek?


  • Seder-Krupp isn’t perfect, but it’s been good to me, so I’ll be loyal to them as long they keep taking care of my family, so I won’t shadowrun against them, if offered a shadowrun against them, I’ll let them know about it
  • Dragons are not to be trusted, though frequently one has no choice in the matter
  • All Metahumans are equal, those who are speciesist are the lowest dregs of metahumanity and deserve anything that comes their way, be they human or Elf.




  • Close distance quickly against hostile firearms
  • Mark any and all exits/exit strategies when entering a building, always be looking for a way out
  • When in danger and in doubt, kill, do not stun

Great Fun!

I really enjoyed yesterday and I hope everyone else did too. It was fun to see all of the ways that Jim, Greg and Shannon are using speculative tech. Combat will be a whole 'nother thing - looking forward to seeing what Trent can do in addition to scaling tall buildings in a handful of bounds.

It's interesting to be doing the magic thing alone. Very fun though.

Anyway, thanks everyone.

Sirocco's Beliefs and Insticts

Beliefs and Instincts for my teenage (male) Elf Magician


• The pro-democracy idiots of "Star Chamber" ilk ruined my life in the Tir, probably tipped off by Ehran's enemies. They should be made to pay for what they have done.

• The relentless pursuit of wonder is generally richly rewarded.

• A team is only as good as its weakest link; I will work tirelessly to ensure that the weakest is never me.


• When I hear gunfire, I cast Deflection

• I will activate Counterspell for all teammates in range whenever I see, or infer the existence of, an enemy spell caster

• Always search defeated enemies for clues to their identify, or useful tools

My Shadowrunner

(To follow what seems to be the format....)

I'll be running Sirocco. He's something of a walking anachronism. He speaks English with a Sperethiel accent, doesn't drive, own a gun, or even access or know how to access The Matrix 2.0. Anything that plugs in or takes batteries seems to come apart in his hands. He has an obvious magical feel to him, for better and (mostly) worse, and knows a wide selection of spells. He is also very young - less than twenty. Despite all of this, Sirocco does not seem to be a novice when it comes to stress and even violence. In Burning Wheel terms, he has a pretty good Steel attribute. Sirocco is very thin, fine-featured, pale in skin, eyes and hair, and has burn scars along the left side of his face and body, making him less comely than the average elf.

Thumbnail Sketch

I'll be running Trent.  He's a friend and former Shadowrunner of Callisto.  He's a Phys Ad.  And he's jumpy.  In the literal sense.  He jumps around like a ... well... a phys ad with several levels of Great Leap really.  Whoever our shaman/mage/magically inclined person is... take the spell Gecko Crawl.  Trent in a fight with Gecko Crawl is a sight to behold.  He's mostly combat - hand to hand.  Not much into guns.  Closes fast and disables.  He's also useful for getting into and out of otherwise challenging spaces.  He's an Elf.  Thats pretty much it.  For now.

My Shadowrunner

I'll be running an elf hacker/rigger.  Probably more of the former, but with useful rigger tricks for info gathering and the like.  I'll save the full-fledged introductions for actual roleplay time, but the broad premise that I'm working with is of a former corp asset, who was kicked out of the snuggly corp world.  I'm a little bitter about that, but I'm also much happier in a world without the corporate restrictions, and I tend to idolize the old, old, old-school hackers of the world - mad scientists, early engineers, that sort of thing - in addition to slinging code, I'm a greasemonkey as well - I like to be able to take machines apart from top to bottom, and then take their os apart, and actually *know* how they work.

Skillset wise, I'll be a good hacker, although not absolutely min-maxed for it, a good mechanic, and a decent rigger.


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